Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Sunrise July 9.2014

As I was watching the Sunrise this morning, I noticed that the colors started to show to the left of the sunrise. It made me wonder if I had missed the colors on other mornings, since I was so focused on the actually "sun rising". That made me think even more.... how often am I so focused on MY solution, or where I think I'll find answers, help, etc, that I miss what God has planned "on the side-lines". 

I've written many times about God's creativity in supplying all my needs. He uses resources and ways that I could NEVER have even imagined. This week, He demonstrated how He planned WAY in advance (20 years!) to provide a discount on my car registration. (Click here for details.)

I hope that my pictures of this morning's sunrise will be a reminder to me, that I need to keep my focus on God, for He sees the "big picture"! If I focus on just one aspect, I'll miss out on some of His amazing blessings.

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