Monday, November 2, 2009

8 days and counting

Today was one of those days I had all planned out... you know the type of day when the "To Do List" is full and the pencil is sharpened ready to mark off each task. Well, what I had planned was not what God had planned. My headache was the worst it's been in a while, and I injured my ankle a few weeks was really swollen today. Therefore, instead of finishing my to do list....I knew I'd be confined to the sofa all day.
I was thinking that the day was a total waste...I wouldn't get anything done on my list....until I remembered that my list doesn't really matter. I was to accomplish what God wanted me to do....not some list I concocted.
So, I started rethinking my "To Do List". Rather than what I thought I had to accomplish today, I consulted God on what He wanted me to do. When I changed from "my list" to God's list....the day was much better!
What was on God's list? Extra prayer time. Recently a few people asked I pray for some special requests. Being able to spend time discussing those issues with God was a good use of my time.
As the day progressed, God sent some special blessings my way. I received a nice email. And later in the day I received a package from Hawaii!! A package brightens anyone's day! And since this package was from some very special friends—it made it even better! (A big shout out to Hawaii—Thank you VERY MUCH!!!)
So, my "To do list" remains full. But personally, today turned out to be a special day.

If your plans need to change, don't consider the day a loss. You can still create a positive day by allowing God to direct your plans.

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