Saturday, June 11, 2011

My Plans Vs God's Plan

I'm a planner. Before doing anything I research, and research, and plan, and figure out all the possible solutions, and even try to account for all the "unexpecteds" that might pop-up along the way.
However, I'm learning that no matter what MY PLANS are, God's PLAN is a much better one! My planS (yes, plural) are often VERY good. However, God's PLAN (singular) is MUCH better than any of my plans. This is one lesson which God has to continue to teach me.

My car, a 1995 Ford Escort, needs to be replaced. It's a great car, but it's at the point that repairs are needed more often than I like. I've been working on my plans to get a newer car for while. Yet, it's only been the past 2 months when I thought that perhaps I could actually do something about it. I have been working on saving every penny toward a down payment.

My plans 
were coming along

That was until God reminded me that HE has a PLAN. This past week, I took my car in for an oil change and tire rotation and to check on a "roar". I explained to the Service Manager, Mike, that I didn't want to put much money into any repairs as I am looking to get a newer car. We discussed various cars models which would be good for me to consider.
After waiting a while, Mike approached me. He explained what the "roar" was and that it didn't have to be fixed.  However, the brakes were extremely bad. It was not safe to drive the car, I'd have to replace them. Okay, now that was NOT in my plans at ALL! Yet, I had to take a deep breath and realize that the brake repair was in God's plan. 

As I was at home waiting for my car to be fixed, I had time to think. I had to stop and thank God for His protection. The brakes were not safe, yet, God made sure that they worked as I drove around. God prompted me to go in for an oil change ASAP, so that the brake problem would be found. And over 15 years ago, God provided an AWESOME repair shop with an owner and staff who are honest and have taken great care of my car. 

My planS vs God's plan. 

No matter how much I research and think through all the possible scenarios, there are unforeseen circumstances which God allows. I'm not sure I understand all the reasons God wanted me to spend money on fixing a car when I'm trying to get a newer one. Yet, I do KNOW that God's plan is so much better than mine. And I don't need to know all the reasons why He does what He does. I only need to trust Him and continue to seek His will and follow HIS PLAN for my life.

And what about MY planS for a newer car? I'm still working on them, but I'm also making sure that I consult God on what HIS PLAN is. I'll keep you posted! 

Once again, I'm reminded that in order to have a positive day, I need to trust God as He carries out His plan for my life.

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