Monday, June 28, 2010


I like to know where I'm going. I usually plan, and re-plan, and then re-plan again. I print out a map... sometimes 2 so I have a back up plan in case a road is closed. I can get to and from anywhere... with a map. But there are times, when I have to travel using only a compass. (I don't have a GPS.) But traveling with only a compass, leaves me driving around in circles. 
This past weekend, I was doing some garage sale hunting on the way home from my chiropractor. As I drove through a housing development, I looked at my compass. It told me the direction I was driving.... but didn't tell me where home was.  I was heading North, but I didn't know the direction of my home. Was I lost? Not really. I knew I was heading North. So, I just drove until I found a road which I knew. Then I took that road until I saw some familiar landmarks, and soon I was home.
Was I upset that I didn't have map, and ended up driving around housing developments? No. I found some great deals at the garage sales on my journey.  
God is teaching me
that sometimes even
the most detailed plans
are not always the  best.
Too many times, I create plans and then do everything in my power to make my plans work.... Only to realize that a road is closed and I have to take a detour. 
When I stop trying to make
my plans work,
and let God lead me,
I can then enjoy the amazing things
God has planned along the journey.

On Tuesday, I will meet with a Doctor to begin another phase of my pain management journey. I've gone through medication withdrawal back in 2005, so I know some of what to expect. However, things are different this time. I've been on the medications for a longer period of time. I have additional pain due to some recent injures. So, although I've been down this road before, I'm driving with only a compass and no map. 
As I travel this new journey, there may be a few detours and even some road closures. But that's okay, the journey has it's own blessings which are missed if I'm only focused on the final destination.

Creating a positive day can't always be planned. In fact, the most positive days are filled with surprises and unexpected turns and journeys. If I had decide not to go garage sale hunting only because I didn't have a map, I would have missed some great deals.
I can't limit my life
to only mapped journeys.
There are times when
driving by a compass
can provide the most blessings.

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  1. Yesterday (Monday), I was just calibrating a compass i got at a garage sale. As I was tinkering with it, I was thinking basically about the same thing!!! I am a map person even tho I have a GPS. (You never know when you might not have cell service) We are currently in the process of selling our summer home which held such great memories and which we feel we sold for way less than it is worth. But trusting that God has a plan anyway. I was thinking that even though I don't know his plan, I know the direction; and that direction is always for good. So thanks for your post it is encouraging when others ponder some of the same wonderful things about our God ��