Saturday, October 16, 2010

10th Anniversary Blessings Celebration!

Oct 25, 2000, I injured my back. Each year in October, I celebrate God's amazing blessings. This year, I wasn't sure what I was going to do for my
"Blessings Celebration" 
—but God took care of it.
in some AMAZING ways!

Last week, I was searching for events which I could attend to "Celebrate". However, each event was either too expensive, or would cause too much pain. So, I took some time to discuss my "Blessings Celebration" with God again. Since I am celebrating HIM and HIS GOODNESS... I wanted Him to have a say in what I did. 

As I was praying the phone rang... I didn't recognize the name or number, but I answered it.... good thing I did! I won a contest!
(Actually, I was the runner-up; however the Grand Prize winner never contacted the station, so I was given the GRAND PRIZE! But that was a GOD thing too! If they had called me first, I would have missed the call too...since I was in Macon visiting family! When God sends a gift, He takes care of ALL the details!)

The grand prize is a HUGE GRILL, a grill pack fit for a cowboy and a music CD. WOW! God gave me a small grill a few months ago... but this new grill will make it easier for me to grill—no bending over.
Love those surprise gifts from God! 
(I'll post pictures of my prizes when I receive them.)

I was rejoicing over the gift of my new grill...
But God wasn't done yet!

A friend called me and invited me to attend a Damaris Carbaugh concert! (Her CD,  "Not Ashamed" has been a blessing in my life for several years.) 

On Friday, Oct 15th, I attended the concert. It was a WONDERFUL night of praising and worshiping God. The concert was great, and Damaris sang my favorite song, "He's Been Faithful". Another added blessing from God!
BUT He still wasn't done! 
God arranged it so that I could meet Damaris! What BLESSING that was. The JOY of the evening
will last in my heart forever. 

I don't post many pictures...okay, I don't post any pictures of me.. but this is an exception. Here is a picture of Damaris and me after the concert. 

"I pray that God will take care of all your needs with the wonderful blessings that come from Christ Jesus!" Philippians 4:19 (Contemporary English Version)

Over the past 10 years, God has taken care of my needs with WONDERFUL BLESSINGS! And the past few days, God has created the most amazing and positive days for me as I celebrate Him and His goodness!
And His positive days
are well worth
remembering forever! 


  1. love the picture!!! so glad you could go.

  2. Dear Rhonda:
    The joy was all mine... meeting you that is.
    Because He loves us,
    Dámaris Carbaugh