Friday, May 3, 2013

God’s Pure Joy Perspective

This year, I'm sharing my "Treasures" of my study of my "Ponder the Morsels" book. I've picked 31 Psalms to study throughout 2013. Today I studied Psalm 4. Here is what I learned.

But you have ·made me very happy [given joy to my heart], happier than they are, even with all their grain and new wine. Psalm 4:7 (EXB)

You have filled me with joy, and happiness has risen in my heart, great delight and unrivaled joy, even more than when bread abounds and wine flows freely. Psalm 4:7 (VOICE)

You have filled my heart with more happiness than they have when there is much grain and wine. Psalm 4:7 (NLV)

Thou hast given more joy to my heart. By another comparison he better expresses and illustrates the strength of his affection, showing that, having obtained the good which he had longed for, he does not in the least degree envy the wealth and enjoyments of others, but is altogether contented with his own lot. The sum is, that he had more satisfaction in seeing the reconciled countenance of God beaming upon him, than if he had possessed garners full of corn, and cellars full of wine. 
David declares, that he rejoices more in the favor of God alone, than earthly men rejoice when they enjoy all earthly good things, with the desire of which they are generally inflamed. He had represented them as so bent upon, and addicted to, the pursuit of worldly prosperity, as to have no great care about God; and now he adds, that their joy in the abundance and increase of their wine and corn is not so great as is his joy in a sense of the divine goodness alone. 
This verse contains very profitable instruction. We see how earthly men, after they have despised the grace of God, and plunged themselves over head and ears in transitory pleasures, are so far from being satisfied with them, that the very abundance of them inflames their desires the more; and thus, in the midst of their fullness, a secret uneasiness renders their minds uncomfortable. Never, therefore, shall we obtain undisturbed peace and solid joy until the favor of God shine upon us. And although the faithful also desire and seek after their worldly comforts, yet they do not pursue them with immoderate and irregular ardor; but can patiently bear to be deprived of them, provided they know themselves to be the objects of the divine care. Calvin's Commentary

I’m I not only satisfied with God’s joy, do I wait with anticipation to receive it? Looking for joy in things, or a certain situation or set of circumstances is not only looking in the wrong direction, but will not provide the satisfying and pure joy that only God can give. 

I need to accept God’s pure joy and allow His joy to radiate through me. For as I immerse myself in God’s joy, I’ll see my situation and circumstances in a new perspective. Once I have God’s pure joy perspective, I can create a positive, and joyous day!

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