Sunday, May 12, 2013

Let the Momentum Build

This year, I'm sharing my "Treasures" of my study of my "Ponder the Morsels" book. I've picked 31 Psalms to study throughout 2013. Today I studied Psalm 117. Here is what I learned.

Praise the Lord, all you nations! Praise him, all you people of the world! Psalm 117:1 (GW)

Praise God, everybody! Applaud God, all people! Psalm 117:1 (MSG)

"Praise him, all ye people." Having done it once, do it again, and do it still more fervently, daily increasing in the reverence and zeal with which you extol the Most High. The Treasury of David

As I recover from my most recent surgery, I have found that I don’t much FEEL like praising God. The pain is high... I’d rather complain. However, this verse doesn’t say “Praise the Lord when you FEEL like it.” Rather is says, “Praise the Lord”---PERIOD. 

Praise is not based on me, rather I am to honor and acknowledge God... who He is and what He has done and what He is doing. Praise is not based upon feelings, circumstances, situations, or really anything to do with Me. Praise is to be about God. And since He doesn’t change, He is a constant, faithful, merciful and loving God... my praise to Him should also be constant. 

If I praise God, only when I feel like it, I’d have to say that I don’t think I’d praise God very often. But, when I praise God, I find that how I feel changes. For praising God has an effect on me and my feelings. Praising God changes my focus from me to God. Praising God changes my attention to how I feel to Who God is and what He is doing. Praising God changes my perspective from my viewpoint to God’s viewpoint. Praising God produces more praise! For when I praise God, I want to praise Him more.... it’s a momentum builder! Praise produces more praise and it continues to build... and as my praise to God builds, I find that my feelings change too! 

I only have to begin to praise God and let the momentum build..... for that will create a positive and praise-filled day!

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