Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Announcement Part 9—I'm moving!

Announcement Part 9—I'm moving!

Announcement Part 5— I'm moving! Announcement Part 6— I'm moving!

After leaving the "new King" home, a bid price was decided. A call to the realtor with the offer. Then the waiting began. 

There are multiple offers, want to raise your bid? Yes, this is my highest offer. And more waiting. 
Then word came that a meeting was going to take place to review the bids. More waiting. 

In my mind, I kept going over the details. Compared to the other houses I THOUGHT were perfect.... this one was BEYOND perfection! 

But I knew that although I saw PERFECTION, God knows the details of the house, the details of my future, and He knows if this house is  "The One." I had to simply wait upon Him. 

Then word came..... you are the high bidder... BUT. 
My heart sank. Another "BUT"! However, I listened to the words AFTER the BUT. There was a request of the homeowner, would I allow it? 
Yes, it would be allowed—with a condition. Would the homeowner accept the condition? 

More waiting. 
No, the homeowner would NOT accept the condition, rather she is dropping her request. Therefore, you are high bidder—Period! 

My heart was about to burst! BUT... there was still the inspection. So more waiting and more talking with God about this house. 

The Inspection day arrived. As the inspector was checking things out, he shared some knowledge with me about various things to look for and how to save money on future repairs, etc. Very helpful and great to learn new things. But what I REALLY wanted to know was there anything "wrong" that would prevent the sale of the home?

More waiting.... then the report arrived. And not just a "It's fine or No, it's not fine" report — there was 44 pages of report! That takes a while to read and decipher..... so more waiting. 

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