Monday, May 25, 2015

Announcement Part 4— I'm moving!

Announcement Part 4— I'm moving!

The thought of buying a home was overwhelming. The cost, the responsibility, the cost. Yet, all I could hear from God was,
"Chill Rhonda, I have it under control." 

And as I stopped to think of all God has done for me, especially over the past 14 years since my initial back injury—I knew several things:
  • 1. God is faithful.
  • 2. God has unlimited resources.
  • 3. God is VERY creative in supplying all my needs.
  • 4. God is a God of details. Nothing escapes His attention. 
  • 5. God knows my needs today, tomorrow, and in the future. 
  • 6. God loves me.
  • 7. God is trustworthy. 
  • 8. God has blessed me abundantly in the past, and if He chooses, He can do it again. 
  • 9. God gives wisdom and will guide me in making the right decisions. 
  • 10. God will never abandon me.

So, as I continued to pray about the home that God would provide, I thought though my needs and wants. 
  1. 3 Bedrooms — a need. A bedroom for me, and one for my parents and the 3rd would be a study for my Dad. 
  2. Walk in shower — a need. As my parents age, it is safer for them. And in the years to come, it will be easier for me too, with my back and leg injury. 
  3. Location — a need. Within my driving distance to Church, Drs, and grocery stores. 
  4. No or very small step at the entrances — need
  5. Pool — a needno make that a want. The pool is great therapy for my back/leg. But there are other resources for a pool, such as the local YMCAs. 
After seeing the home in Part 3... I had a few wishes
  1. I really liked the idea of wood floors. Vacuuming carpet is a pain for me literally. But, most homes in the price range I was considering had carpet. 
  2. I liked the lanai. A great place to enjoy the outdoors protected from bugs.
So the hunt for a home continued, and I needed to remember God's message: "Chill Rhonda, I have it under control." 

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