Sunday, May 24, 2015

Purpose of Praying

[For my concern is] that their hearts may be braced (comforted, cheered, and encouraged) as they are knit together in love, that they may come to have all the abounding wealth and blessings of assured conviction of understanding, and that they may become progressively more intimately acquainted with and may know more definitely and accurately and thoroughly that mystic secret of God, [which is] Christ (the Anointed One). Colossians 2:2. 3 (AMP)
The past two posts were about "What Do I pray?" focusing on Colossians 2:2. 
(What Do I Pray? and What Do I Pray? Part 2The end of Colossians 2 and verse 3 focus on the purpose of praying.

"that they may become progressively more intimately acquainted" 
A deep knowledge and relationship.

But not just random knowledge, rather a intimately acquainted knowledge and relationship with God, His plan and His Son, Jesus Christ. 

Paul is praying specifically that the Colossians would know Truth not just to have head knowledge, but rather to purposefully become intimately aquatinted with God and His amazing grace and mercy. What a great prayer to first personally pray, and then pray for others. 

If I truly want to become intimately aquatinted with God, it begins when my heart is permeated with a deep sense of reverence for God (Acts 9:31; MSG).

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