Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Announcement Part 7—I'm moving!

Announcement Part 7—I'm moving!

Announcement Part 5— I'm moving! Announcement Part 6— I'm moving!

So, it was time to renew my apartment lease. What should I do? Following the wise counsel of a friend, I renewed for 90 days since there was no penalty or extra cost. Then at the end of those 90 days, I could see what God wanted me to do. 

On May 6th, I renewed my apartment lease for 90 days. I realized that house hunting would wait for the time being. God had closed—SLAMMED—the doors to each house that I thought was "perfect". 

But I knew that God had a plan. He has never failed me. He loves me. And since He is the King of kings and I am His child, that makes me His Princess! 

Several years ago, when I was looking to buy a new car, God led me to this verse: "The desires of good people lead straight to the best." Proverbs 11:23a (MSG). As I talked the house buying over with God, I knew that in His time, in His way, He would lead me straight to, not just THE best, but HIS BEST. 

On May 8th, I received a notice about a house that fit my parameters. I looked at the listing, and liked what I saw. However, the timing just didn't seem right. But receiving the listing was a GREAT reminder that God has unlimited resources and He will supply the BEST house at the BEST time. 

Even though I thought I was done looking at houses, God knew that I needed to see THIS house. So, God arranged it and on May 9th, I went to take a look. This house was located on another "King" street. 
That caught my attention. What better address for a Princess of the King of kings to live—than on a "King" street. What awesome reminder each time I drive down the road—that God supplied HIS BEST. 

But, I was getting ahead of myself. First, I had to take a look at the house and then see what God does. 

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