Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Announcement Part 10—I'm moving!

Announcement Part 10—I'm moving!

Announcement Part 5— I'm moving! Announcement Part 6— I'm moving!

The Inspection report was reviewed. A few things needed to be addressed in the near future (exterior painting, etc) but overall the house was fine. 

Stop. Pause. What? Does that mean that I'm a homeowner? I have responsibility? YES!!! Closing is scheduled for June 16! 

Remember how I said that

God is a God of details? 
Here's my list from Part 4: 
  • 3 Bedrooms — a need. A bedroom for me, and one for my parents and the 3rd would be a study for my Dad. 
  • Walk in shower — a need. As my parents age, it is safer for them. And in the years to come, it will be easier for me too, with my back and leg injury. 
  • Location — a need. Within my driving distance to Church, Drs, and grocery stores. 
  • No or very small step at the entrances — need
  • Pool — a need, no make that a want. The pool is great therapy for my back/leg. But there are other resources for a pool, such as the local YMCAs.

God provided a home with the following:

  • 2 Bedrooms and a study
  • A walk-in shower
  • Location—perfect! Very close to Church and still close enough to my doctors.
  • Very small step at the entrances.
  • And those wants: wood floors and a lanai, not to mention the fireplace! 


God also provided something else. 

This is a picture of what will be my home, after June 16th. 

See that fence to the left of my home? 

Behind that fence is the HOA ..........pool! 

Yes, that is correct! God not only gave me a wonderful home beyond ANYTHING I could have ever imagined.... He in His graciousness gave me a pool too. And not just a pool, a pool LITERALLY right next door! 

God didn't miss a single detail!
He is so awesome! 


I will post pictures of the inside of MY HOME, after June 16th. (Links to the inside of the Castle, are now posted below.)
Please pray with me as I prepare to move and take care of the arrangements that go into owning a home. 
By the end of June,
this Princess will be living
in her very own Castle
given to her by the King of kings
located on Kings Crossing! 

If you'd like to see some pictures of the inside of the Castle
visit this link:

The inside of the Castle has been painted!


  1. Rhonda, it sure took long enough to read the whole story, but isn't the Lord Great? Thanks for sharing your adventure through moving. We know from experiences that the Lord will shut doors to a house to put you where He Wants you. That is why we are here at Faith also.

    1. Thank you for reading it all the way through. God is good!