Monday, May 27, 2013

Kept by God

This year, I'm sharing my "Treasures" of my study of my "Ponder the Morsels" book. I've picked 31 Psalms to study throughout 2013. Today I studied Psalm 121. Here is what I learned.

God guards you from every evil, he guards your very life. Psalm 121:7 (MSG)

The Lord will ·protect [guard; watch] you from all ·dangers [trouble; evil]; he will ·guard [watch] your life. Psalm 121:7 (EXB)

"The Lord shall preserve thee from all evil," or keep thee from all evil. It is a great pity that our admirable translation did not keep to the word keep all through the Psalm, for all along it is one. God not only keeps his own in all evil times but from all evil influences and operations, yea, from evils themselves. This is a far-reaching word of covering: it includes everything and excludes nothing: the wings of Jehovah amply guard his own from evils great and small, temporary and eternal. There is a most delightful double personality in this verse, Jehovah keeps the believer, not by agent, but by g; and the person protected is definitely pointed out by the word thee, - it is not our estate or name which is shielded, but the proper personal man. 
To make this even more intensely real and personal another sentence is added, "The Lord shall preserve thee from all evil: he shall preserve thy soul," - or Jehovah will keep thy soul. Soul-keeping is the soul of keeping. If the soul be kept all is kept. The preservation of the greater includes that of the less so far as it is essential to the main design: the kernel shall be preserved, and in order thereto the shell shall be preserved also. God is the sole keeper of the soul. Our soul is kept from the dominion of sin, the infection of error, the crush of despondency, the puffing up of pride; kept from the world, the flesh and the devil; kept for holier and greater things; kept in the love of God; kept unto the eternal kingdom and glory. What can harm a soul that is kept of the Lord? The Treasury of David

Jehovah keeps the believer, not by an agent, but by himself! God is the sole keeper of the soul.

Kept by God. Wow.... that truth creates a positive day... nothing more needed! 

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