Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Heaped up in Happiness

Throughout this year, each day of the month, I'm "Treasure Hunting" in a Psalm. I've created a "Ponder Every Morsel of Truth" Book to record the truths as I learn them. The thirteenth of each month, I'm studying Psalm 146. Here's what Treasure I found today.

Blessed are those who receive help from the God of Jacob. Their hope rests on the Lord their God. Psalm 146:5 (GW)

Happy (blessed, fortunate, enviable) is he who has the God of [special revelation to] Jacob for his help, whose hope is in the Lord his God. Psalm 146:5 (AMP)

Blessed: be blessed, happy, how happy!
God: the Almighty, power, strong, God of thy fathers.
Jacob: a son of Isaac.
Help: Protect or aid.
Hope: expectation—hope, by implication (of watching) to expect (with hope and patience).
In: according to, after.
Lord: of deity Yahweh.
God: Elohim, supreme God, mighty God.

Think of what this verse is saying: The almighty God, the supreme God, the all-powerful God, is my protector and helper, my hope is secure in the one-true God and that fact creates an overflowing abundance of happiness and joy.  

"Happy is he that hath the God of Jacob for his help." Heaped up is his happiness. He has happiness indeed: the true and the real delight is with him. He is happy in help for the present and in hope for the future, who has placed all his confidence in Jehovah, who is his God by a covenant of salt. Happy is he when others are despairing! Happiest shall he be in that very hour when others are discovering the depths of agony. We have here a statement which we have personally tried and proved: resting in the Lord, we know a happiness which is beyond description, beyond comparison, beyond conception. O how blessed a thing it is to know that God is our present help, and our eternal hope. Full assurance is more than heaven in the bud, the flower has begun to open. We would not exchange with Caesar; his sceptre is a bauble, but our bliss is true treasure. The Treasury of David

I like that phrase, “heaped up in His happiness”. Happiness piled so high.... well there is no end. Reminds me of a pile of leaves... as you run and jump in and the leaves fly everywhere, and anyone nearby enjoys a deep belly laugh. That’s one thing about being “heaped up in his happiness”— those around you want to enjoy the happiness too!
But unlike that pile leaves, the source of true happiness is God, and He is eternal, so our happiness doesn’t depend upon the Season, or upon ourselves. Rather, our happiness and joy is from the Almighty, Eternal, Supreme God!  

O for a heart full of joyful gratitude, that we may run, and leap, and glorify God. The Treasury of David

When my heart is full of joyful gratitude, when I’m heaped up in happiness, that creates a positive day indeed!

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