Friday, February 15, 2013

Poor Me to Praise God!

This year, I'm sharing my "Treasures" of my study of my "Ponder the Morsels" book. I've picked 31 Psalms to study throughout 2013. Today I studied Psalm 150. Here is what I learned.

What? Who? Where? Why? How? Five questions journalists include when writing a news report. On January 14, 2013, I shared the answers to the first four of these questions. Today, I’ll look at “How?”.

Praise with a blast on the trumpet, praise by strumming soft strings; Praise him with castanets and dance, praise him with banjo and flute; Praise him with cymbals and a big bass drum, praise him with fiddles and mandolin. Psalm 150:3-5 (MSG)

The Trumpet is the loudest and used  to make an announcement. It get’s everyone’s attention.  The strings are softer and more personal, requiring the strumming of the fingers. The castanets and dancing are results of the overflowing joy of praise. Praising God cannot, and should not, be contained The banjo and flute, using touch and our ‘wind’ to make harmonious music of praise. The cymbals and a big bass drum, loud and strong add to the harmony of praising God. 

As I thought about praising God with music, I couldn’t help but think of what music does. 1) allows me to express my joy and praise 2) changes my attitude to that of one of joy and praise. 

When I’m in a “good mood” and happy, singing and praising God is almost automatic. I find myself humming a song, or singing (when no one is around). Music is a natural outcome of being happy and joyous. 

Yet, when I’m in a “bad mood” I don’t feel much like singing. However, if I listen to praise and joyous songs, the music lifts me up and changes my attitude to one of praise to God. 

How should I praise God? With music. For music is an expression of my feelings—my heart and soul. If I don’t feel much like praising God, then I need to change my feelings—heart and soul and get “turned around” and music can do that was well. 

I have several artists which I enjoy listening to if I’m in a “praising mood” their songs help me express my praise to God. If I’m in a “poor me” mood, their songs give me an “attitude adjustment” and change my poor me into Praise God! The artists I enjoy are (in no particular order) Damaris Carbaugh; Bryan Duncan; Don Moen; The Ball Brothers; 4 Him; Philips, Craig & Dean.  

The music I listen to, the TV shows I watch, the books I read, all have an impact on “how I feel” and my attitude. What I feed my mind is what comes out. I continue to learn that on days I having a harder time praising God, I need to make sure I’m feeding my heart and soul “praiseworthy materials”. For praiseworthy materials will produce praise and joyous expression to my amazing almighty God. 

To create a positive day, when I don’t feel very positive, I need to listen to praiseworthy material so that I’ll change my attitude from “poor me” to “PRAISE GOD”! 

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