Saturday, January 26, 2013

You glow when you talk about it.

Throughout this year, each day of the month, I'm "Treasure Hunting" in a Psalm. I've created a "Ponder Every Morsel of Truth" Book to record the truths as I learn them. The Twenty-sixth of each Month, I'm studying Psalm 96. Here's what Treasure I found today.

“You glow when you talk about it.”
“Your face lights up.”
“Your are smiling ear to ear—literally!” 

Those were the words said to me several times over the past year. What was I talking about? Well there were two things. 1. My day in the pits at a  NASCAR race. 2. The Moore Health Ideal Weight Loss program, which helped me lose 68 lb. 

As I read Psalm 96 this morning, I had to wonder do I glow when I talk about my God? Does my face light up? Do I smile ear to ear telling about God’s amazing goodness? 

Oh sing unto Jehovah a new song: Sing unto Jehovah, all the earth. Psalm 96:1 (ASV)
Sing God a brand-new song! Earth and everyone in it, sing! Sing to God—worship God! Psalm 96:1 (MSG)

Sing: idea of strolling minstrelsy, singing as I go about.
New: that which is delightful, exquisite, precious.
Song: abstractly singing, it just flows forth.
God: of deity Yahweh.
Earth: the world itself and all that lives in/on it. 

  • Do I love God so much that I sing or talk about God as I go about my day?
  • Do my words or song express the delightful and preciousness of knowing God and understanding (even just a bit) of what He is capable of?
  • Does praise to God simply flow out of me when I think of Who God is—Yahweh, God eternal? 

I’m not a very good singer, so I’m not sure I’ll walk around literally singing songs about God. But....What do people see and hear from me as I go about my day?

  • Do they see any evidence that God is God?
  • Do my actions and attitude express the preciousness of knowing the Almighty God?
  • Does talking about God “just flow forth”?
  • Is God in my thoughts and such a part of my life, that it’s natural to include Him in my conversations? 

“You glow when you talk about it”. “Your face lights up.” “Your are smiling ear to ear—literally!” If people would say those things to me..... in reference to my relationship with God..... that would make for a very positive day! 

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