Monday, May 10, 2010

Unexpected Blessings!

God once again surprised me with a wonderful blessing... and helped out my friends along the way! 
The Plan: Rent a trailer, pack it, then park it in the far back of the apartment complex parking lot until it's time to unload it all. 

What really has happened.... SO FAR!

On Thursday, I called to make reservations for the trailer. The first place I called informed me of the price (a bit higher than I had planned) and that I should look into a "pod" type arrangement. After researching the "pod" route, I called another trailer place to set the reservation. The pod was a higher price. I wanted a Sunday afternoon pickup....not at this I called several others...still no Sunday. I went ahead and made the reservation with a Saturday evening pickup and the next Saturday drop off.... the total cost would be almost $200 depending on the size of trailer they could get me....I'd save $50 if they couldn't supply the larger size I reserved. 

On Friday, I ordered my Daybed to be delivered on Tuesday, May 25! Very excited. After dealing with all the paper work... I was tired but really needed a few things at the store. Should I stop? Or should I just go on home... STOP! So I stopped and went in.. as I entered I met a lady who works in the office of my apartment. We chatted for a few minutes and she asked about the progress on my 'non-move'. She then mentioned that the apartment parking lot is being resurfaced that week..... WHAT??? That means I'll have to move the trailer several times..... or find another place to park it for the week. (This was not what I had planned!)

I finished my shopping and arrived home to quickly email my friend to explain the change in parking plans and figure out plan B. It was decided we'd park it in her driveway... and they'd maneuver around the trailer for a week... not the best... but it would work. Plan C was to see if my church would allow me to park it there..

My friend also asked if I could somehow get a Sunday pickup....since she and her family had some special plans on Saturday. I said I'd try again... but my attempts so far had failed. 

On Sunday..... my friend called to share some news with me. She was thinking about the trailer and then thought of a guy at church. This gentleman has 2 trailers. He is NOT ONLY letting me use the large trailer for the week FREE!!! He is also letting me park it on his barn/garage! A very secure place! And to top it all off... my friends can pick up the trailer after church on Sunday! 

The right size trailer.
 A Sunday pickup.
A SECURE parking place.
AND all for FREE!
This is all so cool... but the Sunday pick up and the parking issue are double blessings... they help me... but more so help my friends who are helping me! God made sure He cared for them in all this too!

I love it when God
takes care of the details!

When I look at ALL the details which God considered in His plan.... I'm overwhelmed. Any ONE of the details would have been a blessing. But God took care of EACH detail. Each day God takes care of details...some which I'll never even know about. Others, such as this are so evident... that all I can do is PRAISE God. Creating a positive day each day is all about seeing how God is working in and through me.
 When God is working in your life....
each day has a positive outcome.

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