Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Another Unexpected Blessing!

Today, I went to Select Comfort to order my Sleep Number mattress for the new Daybed. The salesman, Chris, was very helpful in explaining the differences between the two I was considering. After I got the pricing, I left for a while to think about which mattress would provide the most comfort.
Upon returning, Chris mentioned that if I bought the P5, I'd also get a free blanket! That was just icing on the cake....because that was the one I had chosen. As Chris was writing up the order and verifying my information, I handed him one of my business cards. On the top of my cards it has the Create a Positive Day logo matching this blog. As he looked at the card.... he realized he had seen that before. He then said, "this is an inspirational blog....isn't it?" I said "yes". While surfing the internet, he had come across my blog and enjoyed reading it. I though it was so COOL that God brought us together so that we could meet! Another unexpected blessing from God!

Create a Positive Day! That means more to me today than yesterday. I was reminded again that I have a responsibility to honor God in my life and in my writings. People are watching me and reading what I write—many of whom I'll never meet face to face. I have a responsibility to make sure that all aspects of my life honor God. Create a positive day is more than a logo or slogan... it is my way of life.
And the only way to truly
create a positive day,
is to be living my life honoring God. 

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  1. Very cool! God is using you in ways you never could've imagined through this blog! Keep it up!! --Jami