Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Time Delay

I was watching a show on the English Monarchy. The tradition and pomp and circumstance fascinate me. The attention to details are passed down from generation to generation.
But something that was said last night, struck me. The Queen's birthday is in April. But they celebrate it in JUNE! Why? Because the weather is better! 
If you want a celebration in June... then have one. Why should the Queen have to wait 2 months to celebrate her birthday? The birthday celebration, an all day celebration, was planned out to the second. The Queen even watched some on TV since she couldn't be in two places at once.

Of course, I started thinking about TIME DELAY. Do I delay things because I think later will be better? Or do I delay things... just because I don't want to do them—NOW? Yes, there are times when a delay doesn't really make any difference. But some things need to be done in a timely manner. Often delays can make matters worse. 
How do I know if a delay is a good thing? I think it would go to my motivation. Am I delaying because I'm being lazy and just don't want to do something? Am I delaying because it would involve giving up something I like (but may not be good)? Why am I delaying? 
If my motivation is right, I have to consider how it effects those around me. Is the delay is being inconsiderate? Does it cause others to rearrange their schedules? 

Delays don't just apply to events. It can also be applied to my spiritual life. As God works in my life, and shows me areas which I need to change... delaying won't help at all! Yet, Satan can give great reasons for delaying making the change in my life. 
I've been evaluating the TV shows I've been watching. Some, I've watched for years and have gotten caught up in the story lines. Yet, when I take time to really look at the show and what it portrays, the shows are openly promoting more and more sin. No, I'm not "doing the sin", but if the sin image is in my mind.... it's more apt to become something which I think about. And that is JUST as sinful as if I did the actual sin. 
It was easy to stop watching the "newer shows" which portray sinful story lines. I wasn't as invested in the show. But I've been delaying turning off the older shows... "maybe tonight's show won't show 'abc'." Yet, of course they do. The writers of the shows aren't Christians and their values aren't what mine should be.
DELAY. If the delay is causing me to sin, then the delay is WRONG and harmful.
 I need to learn
that putting something off 
for 2 months
"when the weather is better",
won't cut it with God.
He calls sin—sin. It's an abomination to Him. It needs to be dealt with immediately. 

If I want to create a true positive day, I need to make sure that what I'm reading, listening to, and watching, are pleasing to God. The more good I put into my mind, the more 'good things' I have to think about. Each day I STOP delaying turning off the sinful images, songs, or talk, I'm making positive changes and obeying God.
EACH day I OBEY God—
is an EXTREME Positive day!

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