Saturday, May 8, 2010

Customer Service in Reverse!

The past few weeks, I've been searching for a daybed and mattress. The daybed will provide more support for my back, compared to the old sofa.
I found the Daybed I wanted (pictured above right), but needed to find a mattress with enough support.
As I searched for the right mattress, I went to countless stores, and tried out more mattresses than I can remember. I don't remember much about some of the stores I visited.... however, a few stand out in my mind. One in particular stands out because the salesperson was very rude and did his best to convince me that I didn't know what I wanted. However, if he would have listened to me for just a minute, he would have learned that I had done my homework; I knew not only what I wanted—but needed. But he didn't want to listen. He only wanted a matter the cost. He didn't get his sale.
As I left that store... I was very frustrated. Even if that store would have been cheaper (and they weren't) I wouldn't have bought the mattress from them, simply because their customer service was.... TERRIBLE! What if I had a problem with my order? I couldn't have trusted that man to fix any problems. He didn't care about me—the customer.
On the other hand, one store stood out because the salesman was very kind, treated me with respect. He listened to what I wanted and answered my questions. There was no pressure to purchase anything before I was ready. The nice thing, is that they not only sold mattresses, but the daybed I wanted! It should be no surprise that this week, when I was ready to place the order for the daybed and I returned to Back to Bed—and Tom, the salesman who was kind. (Shayne who actually took my order was also very kind and respectful.)

This entire experience
got me thinking about
customer service .... in reverse.
When we are consumers we expect a certain level of respect and attention. But what do the salesmen, doctors, clerks, etc., get from me? Just because I'm the customer doesn't give me the right to be rude or disrespectful. 

"The customer is always right." As much as we want to believe that—we aren't. The idea behind that is that companies want to keep our business; therefore, they will do what they can to make us happy. 

If a company or business, or doctor's office had a choice in their customers, would they choose me? How do I treat the clerks? How do I treat the staff? Do I show respect? Am I kind?
I like to be treated with kindness and I'm sure you do to. So, the next time I visit a store, or doctor's office I hope to show some kindness to the staff I encounter.
My goal is to offer good
Customer Service—in Reverse! 

Part of creating a positive day is how I treat those with whom I have contact. Smile it's contagious. That is also true for respect and kindness. If I treat others around me with kindness, kindness will be returned to me. Any day your life is touched by kindness is a positive day!

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