Saturday, May 1, 2010

Old vs New

Last week, I got rid of the old desktop computer. Tonight the sofabed is gone. As I look around at all the things which are now gone... I started remembering how God provided each item. God is very creative in providing my needs, and even some wants. Over the years, He's used a wide variety of things to provide: additional jobs, gifts from friends, and even contests. Now that the items are gone... I hope that I continue to remember Who provided and how He did so. 

During the past few weeks as I've worked on the 'non-move', it's been interesting to watch Max, my parakeet. He knows something is happening, but he's not sure what is going on. Tonight, I had to put him in is cage, since flying around the room would not be helpful as the sofabed was moved. When he could see me, he was upset with being in his cage... but okay... as soon as I left the room, the cries and chirps started. I wondered if he was thinking I'd forget him. 
Now with the sofabed gone, I'm reclining on an old pool lounge chair. Max is very frustrated with this change. His perch is now different and I'm much lower. It's funny to watch his reaction to things. Max doesn't like change. For that matter, I don't care for it much myself. Once I figure out what works... there is no need to change it. However, there are times when a good house cleaning and rearranging is in order.... both in the physical and spiritual.

I often wonder as God works in my life, do I wish for the old back? God has to clean house, in order for me to grow in His image. If I refuse to allow God to get rid of stuff and rearrange things, I won't grow. Or if I try to hold onto or bring back old things, the new items wont fit or will be neglected.  It may take some time to adjust to the new, but it is well worth the effort.

I hope that as I move forward, I'll remember all that God has provided and what He taught me. But I'm looking forward to the new and seeing the new plans God has in store for me. Remembering is good...however, as I remember I want to look forward to all that God has in store for me. 

One aspect about creating a positive day... it that it's a DAY. If I had a "bad day", I can forget it and begin again. I can remember the great things from the previous day... but each day presents a new opportunity to create a positive day. I don't have to use "yesterday's blessing". I can have new! God's mercies are new EVERY morning! Tomorrow as I reflect on God's goodness in the past, I will work on creating new memories of God's amazing love for me—can't get more positive than that!

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