Thursday, April 29, 2010


Still waiting for the date of the "non-move". Last night I packed a few more kitchen items. Figured I could use paper plates for a while. If the move is this weekend... can't put off too much until the last minute; there is already too much of that stuff. 

Normally, I'm not a good "waiter". I like to plan and know what to expect. But since my back needs some extra rest right now, this waiting period has actually been a blessing. During this resting and waiting period,  God has made me realize that sometimes, I think clearer if I'd just step back and wait.
I've been able to figure out the layout for the furniture and think through what will work and what wont. Some layouts, I had planned, wouldn't work because the wiring was too short. Glad I realized that BEFORE I had the guys move it all. Don't think they'd appreciate having to move it several times. But if I didn't have this waiting time, I wouldn't have thought through the pro and cons of various placements. I would have rushed in and then realized that things would not work.

This waiting mode, is also having a calming effect. It's been peaceful, just being still. There will be enough hectic things once the remodel date is set. Right now, I need to take advantage of this stillness. 

I hope to remember this lesson the next time God puts me in a "waiting mode". If I just stop and rest and allow God to work, the waiting time will be very peaceful and will allow me to be better prepared for the next lesson God has in store. Too many times, I've been so busy during the waiting period, that when God is ready to move forward, I'm sidetracked on my "business" rather than ready for Him.

Today, as I rest and wait for the move date, I'm enjoying the calmness. Sometimes creating a positive day, isn't about how much I can accomplish, or what I can do, rather it's simply being still and waiting. Today, has been a very positive day.... even though I haven't done much. Days like these are very special and I need to enjoy each one. 

Thank you God for those waiting times which give me strength and energy for the task that lies ahead.

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