Sunday, April 25, 2010

Going full speed—suddenly STOP

The past few weeks, I've been pushing myself to get the apartment ready for the remodel. Not having a specific date made it hard to know how fast things needed to be done. (Still no specific date, but should hear this week.) As I look at all that has been accomplished, I feel great. There are still items that need to be packed, and some to get rid of...but a lot has been completed.

Today, I had a list of things to accomplish.... but nothing has been crossed off the list. When I got up this morning, my headache was the worst it's been in YEARS—it was migraine level. I started the normal headache treatments (Stim Plus, essential oils, massage, medicine, etc.) but the headache was getting worse, not better. Finally, this afternoon, it started to lessen... still not back to my normal level, but better.

Earlier today, I felt too bad to feel frustrated about not getting my "to do list" completed. But as I started to feel better, I looked at what needs to be done, and just as I started to get frustrated, it hit me—nothing on the list has to be accomplished today. It can all be done tomorrow, or the next day.... or even the next. I was the one who created the list.. so I can be the one to determine when the tasks are completed. 
Since I'm not feeling well enough to do anything physical, I started thinking through the new layout designs for the apartment. I realized that some layout ideas won't work, unless I move additional items, like the printer. Some layouts will require additional wiring for the TV antennae and hard drives. If I didn't take the time to be quiet and think, I might not have considered what each of the layouts would require.

I am a person how usually goes full speed ahead! And when I'm forced to stop.. I usually get frustrated and try to figure out how I can keep going. For some reason, I often view "stopping" as a bad thing. Yet, that is not true. Stopping allows me to review the plan of action and make necessary changes. Stopping gives me time to reflect on all that has been done. Stopping can give me a new perspective. Stopping can lead me in a new and very often, better direction. 

God says "be still.... and know that I am God." Can't I know God when I'm going at full speed? Yes, but when I'm moving at full force, I'm going in my direction and I am not paying attention to God's guidance. Be still. God knows when I am still, He can have my full attention. He can teach me things, which I only can see when I'm still. 
Look at it this way. Next time you are driving down the highway at 70 mph... look out the window and try to notice the scenery. Then at the next traffic jam, when you are stopped, look out the window. See anything different? How much did you miss as you flew past? 

God knows that for us to hear Him and see what He has planned, we need to be still. Only when we STOP, are we open to changing directions, new ideas, or realizing what God is accomplishing. 

Perhaps you can't imagine how today could be a positive day.. there isn't much positive about having a headache. But it's not the headache I'm focusing on... rather, I'm focusing on being still and listening to God. And any day...I stop and listen to a VERY positive day.

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