Wednesday, April 21, 2010

First Stage of Remodel

Today, my bathroom cabinet/mirror was updated, along with a light fixture in the kitchen. The first stage of the remodeling. Getting VERY excited to have it all done! Looking forward to the "new place" and rearranging the furniture, and less clutter. 

Old bathroom cabinet/mirror.

Remodel in Progress.

New bathroom cabinet/mirror. (doors closed and open)

Old (left) and new (right) light fixtures in the kitchen. 

Today, creating a positive day could have been very difficult. My headache was extreme, and I was very tired. I had to get up early, get ready, and make sure the bathroom was empty. I knew they were coming to work today....just didn't know when. 
As I was waiting for them to arrive, instead of focusing on the waiting, the mess, or the hassle, I spent time figuring out how to arrange things when the remodel is complete. Looking to the finished product was much more encouraging, then focusing on the "mess in progress." 
The day was much more positive as I looked at how great my home will be when all the work is done. The same can be true of my life in other areas. When God is working on me, the process may be a mess, but the finished product will be great! 
My pain and headache are still high, but I'm able enjoy the process knowing how great it will all look with the project is complete! So, today was a very positive day.... time for me to go clean the bathroom now... and enjoy my new cabinet!

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