Monday, April 19, 2010

School's in Session!

On Oct 25, 2000, I was enrolled in school. It was not of my choosing...well it was kind of. The course work is hard and often difficult. No idea when I'll get my degree...or if I'll pass. 

God enrolled me in this school. I'm learning to live my life pleasing to Him (even in chronic pain), and be transformed into God's image. 

The first lesson I had to learn is that God does love me and He can care for me in more ways than I can even imagine. This lesson has many review sessions, as I tend to forget things!
Another lesson has dealt with "time". Either I'm trying to rush God to do something, or I'm jumping ahead of God. But God works in Him time frame for His good. This is one lesson which I've had many examples the past few weeks (just read the last few of my blog posts)

When God begins a new chapter or new subject which I think I already know... He quickly shows me that I have a lot to learn. Some of the topics are ones I'd rather skip... can't I take that another year..... or never? 

As God teaches me, the lessons vary from easy and fun to difficult and frustrating. When I look back I can see some of the progress God as made. I have learned a great deal about God and about myself. The most important lesson learned is that I am far from graduation. And I'm VERY thankful for a very patient and kind teacher—God. Being a student of God has many blessings. Just when I think I've failed a test, God gives another exam. Or just when I need some encouragement... He provides it.

One of my on going lessons is creating positive days. This is just one way I can focus on God and His goodness. This also helps me keep a balance in my life. Focusing on pain 24/7 is not healthy. God knows the importance of keeping our minds focused on truth.
Creating positive days
is not only exciting.. but fun!
And I'm all for FUN—
even if I'm in school!

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