Thursday, July 30, 2015

Words. Actions. Beyond Measure.

Words. Actions. Beyond measure. 

Boaz spoke kindly to Ruth. Then he went further and put that kindness into action. Then even went further than expected and blessed Ruth. 

Words. Actions. Beyond measure.

Ruth responded with humility and thanksgiving. She continued to work hard. She accepted the blessings that she was given, and "paid it forward" by sharing with Naomi. 

Words can encourage or cause discouragement. Words can convey kindness. But often if we stop at just words, and don't add actions, our words can be meaningless. 

Actions should be an extension of our words. If we say we will do something—do it. Actions continue to convey the meaning of our words.  

Beyond measure. 
Word and actions shouldn't stop short of sharing God's love. It's not just the "least we can do", rather it's "all out"! Beyond measure, that extra step, that unexpected blessing. 

Boaz didn't just speak kindly to Ruth, he also shared his food with her. And notice what Ruth did—she ate until she was full and kept the extra so Naomi would have food to eat as well. Ruth was not caught up in the treatment she was receiving. She was not selfish, as she continued to remember and want to care for Naomi. 

Boaz didn't just tell Ruth to glean in his fields, he made sure that she'd be able to gather more than enough grain. He told his workers to leave extra laying around so that she would be sure to have more than she needs. Ruth didn't just stand around and expect to be handed the grain, rather she continue to work in the fields. At the end of the day, when she was tired, she continue to work to "beat out the grain". Her actions continue to display solid work ethic. 

Due to the kindness of Boaz and his willingness to go 'beyond', Ruth not only had food to eat, and extra for Naomi, she also had a profitable day gleaning—enough for about 5 days worth of food! That was a huge amount considering she was gleaning behind the workers. But because Boaz went "beyond", Ruth ended up with "beyond" what she needed for the day. 

Words. Actions. Beyond Measure. 
When my heart is permeated with a deeps sense of reverence for God (Acts 9:31 MSG), not only will my words be kind and truthful, my words will be put into action, and I'll be willing to go "beyond" to encourage and show God's love to others.

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