Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Right Thing

The Lord bless you and watch, guard, and keep you; The Lord make His face to shine upon and enlighten you and be gracious (kind, merciful, and giving favor) to you, The Lord lift up His [approving] countenance upon you and give you peace (tranquility of heart and life continually). Numbers 6:24-26 (AMP)
Ruth 2:4-7

How do you feel when you see the Boss coming? How awesome to be greeted with "The Lord be with you!" And the response of the workers, was " The Lord bless you!" That is an encouraging greeting. 

Yesterday, the post was on how God designs and works His plan to accomplish His purpose. In Ruth 2:4-7, we continue to see God's attention to details. 
As Boaz came to inspect his fields, Ruth caught his eye. He noticed her among the others gleaning the leftovers. He learned that she was Ruth, the daughter-in-law of Naomi.

Notice the description given of Ruth. She did not demand that she be able to glean in his fields. She did not demand anything. Rather, she humbly asked if she could glean in his fields collecting the leftovers. And she worked tirelessly from early morning, resting just a bit. Her work ethic spoke volumes about her. She was willing to work hard long hours to provided food for her and Naomi. Ruth was doing the right thing and doing it well! 

Now, remember, Ruth could have stayed back in Moab with her family. Yet, she left and went with Naomi to a strange land. And now, she was working hard to provide food. Her attitude was noticed by those in the field and in turn, by Boaz. 

Often the things we do, go unnoticed by most. Yet, we are to be doing our best not to gain attention or fame, rather we are to be doing the right thing to the best of our ability because we are doing it unto the Lord. No matter the task. No matter how difficult. No matter..... no excuses. Just do the work for the glory of God. 

When my heart is permeated with a deep sense of reverence for God (Acts 9:31 MSG), then I'll be ready and willing to do the right thing no matter how difficult it may be—knowing that I'm doing it for the glory of God!

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