Sunday, December 16, 2012


Had to run some errands the other day, one being getting my hair cut. I stopped into the place and asked if my stylist was working today... not for over an hour. OK. Figured I'd go finish my errands and come back.

On the way out of the salon, I stopped to look at some pics of shorter hair. I mentioned to a lady waiting, that "I'm going shorter... just now sure how short." She asked, "why?" I replied, that with upcoming back surgery, shorter hair is easier to care for.

She then asked if I was in an accident. I briefly explained and then her expression changed... and she said "Wow, you must be in pain.... but you are smiling." I replied, "That's the joy of the Lord. God loves me and cares for me in amazing ways." After we talked for a bit longer, she thanked me for sharing about God's goodness. We parted with "Merry Christmas!" 

And I thought I was "just running errands" today... but God had something more specific in mind!
"If you want to know your calling, don’t go “calling-looking.” Go God-looking. God knows where He wants you, what He is calling you to do, when He wants you to do it, and how He wants it done. Therefore, if you want to find your calling, look for God. When you find God, His calling will find you." Tony Evans
It's fun going "God-looking" and sharing His awesome love with others. And when I'm "God-looking" that makes the day a positive one.

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