Sunday, December 16, 2012

Well-Thought-Out Plans

"God, you are my God.
I celebrate you. I praise you.
You’ve done your share of miracle-wonders,
well-thought-out plans, solid and sure."
Isaiah 25:1 (MSG)

I'm claiming this verse for my 'surgery week'. My goal is to celebrate and praise God and share His miracle-wonders...knowing that no matter what the outcome of the surgery it's all part of HIS well-thought-out plan...very solid and true! What a peace and comfort that provides! 

And the very thought that God has a specific plan for me sure makes the day a positive one! 

Note: On December 20th I'm scheduled for back surgery number nine. I'm trying a new Spinal Implant Stimulator Company. The goal of this surgery is to see if the Dr. can place wires without removing the 'paddle' from the other Stimulator. I'll be "wired" for a week to test the placement. The wires will be removed in back surgery number 10, on or about December 27th. If the new wire placement works in helping reduce my leg pain, I'll make then decision whether or not for permanent placement.

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