Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Chicagoland Speedway Part 1

WOW! What an amazing day I had on Sunday, Sept 16, 2012 attending the NASCAR Sprint Cup Race at Chicagoland Speedway. Because the day was so amazing and filled with so many blessings, I'm going to be sharing about my day in several posts. This is Part 1.

First, I need to thank the people who made the entire day possible.
1. Dan Leon, president of The Hero Organization and Hero Energy Shot. 
2. TJ Bell, NASCAR driver
3. Fas Lane Racing Team and Sponsor, Green Smoke Racing.

The Drive
Due to my back pain, sitting for more than 15 or 20 minutes becomes unbearable. So, I was wondering how I'd be able to drive from my home to the Speedway. But looking at the routes I could travel, the decision was quite easy. I drove down "old Route 53". This road weaves through many towns and I was able to stop when needed and get out and walk around. God provided the "right" stopping points exactly when I needed a "sitting break". I enjoyed several store parking lots, a gas station (filled the tank, too), a Duncan Donuts (no donuts, but did buy a small iced coffee). Arrived at my destination without any trouble.

The Parking
Entering into the Speedway, I followed the signs toward Handicap Parking. I, along with several other cars were directed down the wrong road (they had closed that access to the Handicap section, but someone forgot to notify the Security/Police directing traffic.) I and the Vans turned around and then were directed to the correct road.
Upon entering the Handicap parking lot area, the Vans in front of me, turned off into the very first row just past the gravel section. I thought, "that's too far back, I think I'll see if I can get closer to the front, near the main gate". Wasn't sure what would be left, it was almost 8:30 am. But thought I'd at least try to get closer. I drove down row 2 from the front, and noticed an empty spot in row 1. I drove around the corner and PARKED! I couldn't get ANY closer!

God "saved" the spot!
After getting out of my car, the gentleman and his wife parked next to me, returned to their truck from shopping. The gentleman commented on me finding a spot so close, this "late".

He then told me why the spot was empty! A representative from one of the many companies in the nearby tents had parked there FIRST thing this morning. But the gentleman next to me, contacted the Company letting them know that since the car did not have a handicap placard or plate, it would be towed with a hefty fine.

The representative moved his car JUST before I pulled in! Now, if God had not led me down that "wrong road" just a few minutes early, the spot God 'saved' for me, would not have been empty! God knows how to take care of DETAILS!

A Golf Cart
When I finished talking to the gentleman and his wife parked next to me, I finished gathering my stuff out the car, and locked it. I then turned around to head to an Information Booth to ask for a golf cart to take me to the Credential Trailers near Gate 5. But as I turned around, a Golf Cart drove up and asked if I needed a ride! I didn't EVEN make to the blue tent in the picture above! God sent the Golf Cart to me! Again Details!

The Credential Trailer/Hot Pass
If you read my blog post about my first visit to Chicagoland Speedway, you know that there was a problem in locating my tickets. But God used that to provide Pit/Garage Passes for my friend and me. (God's Attention to Details Makes a Blessing Filled Day!) This time however, all the details were in order, and after completing the paperwork, it took me less than a minute to get my HOT PASS and exit the trailer!

Next Golf Cart Ride
After getting my HOT PASS, I asked a Speedway Staff member to call a ride for me. He quickly did so, and a very short time later, a golf cart arrived to drive me to the Garages.

I'll end this post, with my arrival that Garage/Pit area. Please return to read more about my amazing day at Chicagoland Speedway in Part 2.

I'll have to say that CREATING a POSITIVE day
was extremely EASY on Sunday, Sept 16th.
God blessed me abundantly!

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  1. Love how God worked out the details for you. :o) Looking forward to reading about the rest of your raceday.