Monday, July 23, 2012

God's attention to details makes a blessing-filled day!

Sat., July 21, I was given two Grandstand Tickets for the NASCAR Nationwide Race at Chicagoland Speedway by Make Motorsports and driver TJ Bell. God's attention to details made Sun., July 22, an amazing blessing-filled day!

1. Blessing One: A very dear friend
When I was given the tickets, I called a dear friend and she graciously was willing to go to the Race with me—even though she's not a big race fan. God has blessed me with a godly, caring, and fun friend! Very thankful for her friendship.

2. Blessing Two: Truth-filled Sermon
Sunday morning, I listened to a truth-filled sermon on Fulfillment in Life (Ecclesiastes 10:1-20). One truth that stuck in my mind was making wise choices based on God's truth found in His Word. That thought stayed with me throughout the day and I think had a big impact on God supplying the amazing blessings.

3. Blessing Three: Parking
I met up with my friend after Church, and we drove to Chicagoland Speedway. Having a handicap placard provided a parking spot near the Main Gate. And as we got out of the van, a Season Ticket holder couple, parked next to us, provided some helpful information and even a coupon!

4. Blessing Four: Ticket Adventure
The tickets provided were to be at the Will Call window—Main Gate. At the Will Call window, I showed my ID, and waited for the tickets. However, they couldn't find the tickets. I was then told that the tickets were at another location (back by Gate 5). Okay, how do I get from the Main Gate over to Gate 5—walking that distance was not really an option.
One Info Booth told us to take the "tram". So, we headed out to find the tram. Found another Info Booth which got us a Courtesy Golf Cart.
Our Driver, Peggy, drove us to the location and was wiling to wait to drive us back to the Main Gate. We went into one trailer only to learn that they did not have the tickets. They directed us to the next trailer. We went there and... "No, we don't have them. Should be at Will Call or next door." I waited in this trailer while my friend went back to the 1st trailer to check again. While waiting I enjoyed talking with the Staff and learning more about the "behind the scenes" working of the race. It was a very enjoyable time.
I was not bothered that the tickets couldn't be found. It wasn't a problem in my mind. I knew that they were somewhere and in time, they'd be found. I was just enjoying each step of the journey. (Remember that Sermon: Make wise choices? One wise choice is to remain positive and allow God to take care of ALL the details!)

My friend returned and still no tickets. The NASCAR/NNS Staff (Ted & Georgette) continued to search for tickets and contacted Make Motorsports to see where the tickets were located. The Staff then decided to give us PIT PASSES! We completed the necessary paper work, and were granted PIT PASSES! Then just as we were walking out the door, we were told the tickets WERE at the MAIN GATE Will Call—but we could still use the Pit Passes! HOW COOL!

Our now "personal" Courtesy Golf Cart Driver, Peggy,  returned to take us to the Main Gate to get the tickets. The Tickets were there (the problem: a "W" looked like a "V O" so was missed as they looked for my name). After getting the Grandstand tickets, Peggy, drove us to the Garage and Pit areas. 

5. Blessing Five: Surprise Meeting
We arrived at the Garages and found a Make Motorsport's Team member who told us the Pit number. We went to that area and stood behind the Pit fence watched the Race. Due to car problems, the #50 car ended the Race early and the car headed to the Garage.
I walked over to the Garage area and after a short wait, TJ Bell came out of the Trailer. I was able to talk with him. I would have rather TJ finished the Race, but it was very nice to meet him. A very UNEXPECTED and nice Surprise!

6. Blessing Six: Up-Close
After meeting TJ, we headed back to the Pit area, and with our Pit Passes were invited INTO the actual Pits. We enjoyed walking up and down the Pit area, watching Teams work and watching the Race. Watching a Pit Stop UP CLOSE is amazing! WOW! And being so close to the cars as they RACE... again an amazing experience.

7. Blessing Seven: Ride provided
After watching a majority of the Race and enjoying the entire experience, and knowing that my friend had a previous engagement that night, we decided to leave the Race before it was over. We walked back to the Security entrance of the Garages and asked about a Courtesy Golf Cart. "They don't run until 20 minutes AFTER the race is completed. But maybe one of the buses might drop you off near the Main Gate." Okay, that would work. But once again, God did NOT miss a SINGLE detail. He had James drive up in a Courtesy Golf Cart and the Security Guard waved him down and arranged a ride for us! James did not just "drop us off NEAR the Main Gate"... but directly behind the van! Couldn't get ANY CLOSER! Again God's attention to DETAILS is AMAZING! 

8. Blessing Eight: The entire experience
As I think back over all the Specific details of the day, I am overwhelmed at God's goodness and the blessings He showered on me. Nothing escaped His attention.

* The Grandstand seats would have been great... but getting to my seat and sitting would have been difficult. God knew that and provided Pit Passes where I could stand and walk around.

* I didn't think I'd be able to meet TJ Bell, and since God provided the Pit Passes, I was able to be in the Garage area.

* God knew how far I could walk, and provided the necessary rides at the right time (even though we were told several times that there was a "driving ban" in place!).

Creating a positive day
is more than about enjoying an experience—
rather, it's about noticing God's hand
in the details that makes
that experience EXTRA-Ordinary!


  1. That's so awesome! I kind of said a little pray for you to be able to meet TJ too :-)

  2. Absolutely awesome! So happy that you had a great race day experience. God is a great "travel agent," working out every detail. ";o)

  3. What an awesome weekend! Thanks so much for sharing all the details...the NASCAR family is truly a giving and loving bunch of people.

  4. So Fun!!!! So happy for you!!!

  5. I love the blessings you received. I'm extremely happy you were able to meet TJ. You do so much for him!

    Rhonda, that was a very inspiring story and thank you for sharing.

  6. Thank you so much for your posting over on rest ministries which then led me here. Your words were such an encouragment to me at the end of a "not great day" and thanks to you I was also blessed to hear the sermon link on Fulfillment in Life.

    I hope you don't mind but I've added your site to my blog side bar as I know I'll be encouraged by your words as God continues to lead you in creating a positive life.

    God Bless San