Friday, September 14, 2012

God's Gift of Laughter!

But let me run loose and free,  
celebrating God’s great work, 
every bone in my body laughing, singing,
God, there’s no one like you."
 Psalm 35:9, 10 (MSG)

Today did not go as I had planned.
However, it was not a surprise to God.
And He knew that I'd needed a special blessing today!

Today, during a treatment for my pain, we hit a nerve, literally, and it flared up my sciatic pain quite severely. We changed treatments to help settle down the flare. This is not what I had planned for today. I was trying to keep my pain level as low as possible, so that I would be the "best I can be" for Sunday's activity.
However, we did learn something today when we "hit the nerve", it allowed us to pinpoint where a majority of my pain is generating. And that could prove to be very helpful for the treatment I'm receiving on Monday. God's timing is perfect. 

Although, I was "pleased" with the new information, that didn't help with the intense pain. I arrived home, checking my mail as I made my way to my apartment. I tossed the mail on the shelf, the mail would wait until later... looked like junk mail anyway. As I lay on the Daybed trying my tricks to lower my pain, I had to stop and take comfort that this was not a surprise to God. After resting for a bit, I got up and decided to read through the mail. Opened one envelope and found a check for $14.22. At first, I thought it was junk....then I read the letter and started laughing! 

God knew that I needed a GOOD LAUGH today! And I had to stop and think of God's great sense of humor. The check is LEGITIMATE. Come to learn, a company was reviewing what I had paid for my pain medications and I had overpaid. But what I thought was so funny was the DATE I had overpaid the $14.22....was November 27, 2007... YES, FIVE years ago!! 

I laughed. God continues to supply my needs in the MOST creative ways. And once again, I was reminded that God is not limited by TIME! On a day I was feeling a bit low, God knew that I needed to laugh. So, He sent me a gift via a FIVE year old overpayment. God does have a great sense of humor!

Creating a positive day can be done even on the "not so good days" when I take the time to accept God's blessings...especially when He sends them in very creative and unconventional ways!

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