Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Changes with a "stamp of approval"

I DO NOT like change. However, I realize that there are times that change is needed. Now, is one of those times in my life when a change was needed. 

For those of you who are new to my blog, I'll try to fill you in the highlights of the past 11 (almost 12) years. 
1. Oct 2000 injured back followed by several years of surgeries... a total of 8 surgeries to be exact....and more procedures than I can count.
2. In June 2010, with the help of my Pain Management Dr I weaned off my pain medications (morphine & Tylenol 4).
3. From August 2010 until February of 2012, I was Vegan and Gluten-free, trying to rid my body of toxins and see if the organic, natural, gluten-free diet would lower my pain level. (It did not.)
4. In February 2012 I started a new diet program offered by my Chiropractor.  (I've lost 57 pounds and have almost reached my healthy lean mass/fat ratio goal.)
5. In March 2012 my Chiropractor started some electro-acupuncture treatments. These treatments have helped increase sensation and feeling in my left leg. 
Since going off pain medications, I've tried a variety of holistic supplements to see if there is something "natural" to lower the pain level. My Chiropractor did find some products with help ease the leg cramps and headaches. However, nothing took the edge off the intense back pain. It was time to revisit my Pain Management Doctor and discuss some options. 

But first, God had to lay some ground work for that visit. In August I attended an annual Vegetarian Festival. At that Festival, God made sure I spoke with a gentleman who told me about a medication used in injections that is made from a plant. I was intrigued and very interested in learning more about this medication.

Yesterday, I met with my Pain Management Doctor to discuss some options to help me deal with the chronic pain. We discussed some medications, which I could take "as needed" for pain control and settled on one to try. We then talked about the "natural drug". It is one she does use. We scheduled that procedure for next week.

Today, started extra early for me, as I went to the hospital to have some tests done. However, during the registration process I learned that I'd be responsible to pay for the tests, and the price tag was too much for me at this time. So, I left not understanding why God allowed this delay, but I know He had a very good reason—but He's not telling.

This afternoon, after my chiropractic appointment, I had to pick up my pain medication and then go to the grocery store. What I'd buy at the grocery store, all depended on the price of the medication. I was EXTREMELY happy that my pain med was UNDER $8.00! Yeah, I could pay with cash.
So, I went to the grocery store with $19.00 still in my pocket.
I bought the veggies I needed, then headed to the fish counter. I looked at the prices and discussed which fish was 'wild'. (I can't eat farm raised due to allergies.) I settled on Cod, and bought enough for dinner. The Fish Monger told me that Cod goes on sale tomorrow... almost half price. It would be nice to put some in the freezer...but not sure it's in the budget.
I was done shopping and went to check out. I watched the total rise as each item was scanned. With each scan...the total got higher...but stopped at $18.74! I had 26¢ to spare. How cool.

As I stated, I don't like change. Yet, it was time to make a change in my pain management. I don't like that I have to go 'back on meds', but know it's a necessity. I think God also gave His "stamp of approval" on my decision by making the medication my Doctor chose to be one of the "cheaper" medications. God then made sure I still have enough cash to pay for my groceries.
Oh, and you remember that Sale on Cod? When I got home and checked the mail, there was a letter and enclosed was some money. God's timing is ALWAYS perfect. 

Creating a positive day includes making changes from time to time. And making changes with "God's stamp of approval" makes it an extra positive day!

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  1. When pain does not seem to subside despite visits to your chiro, it's time to call a doctor. You might have a case that needs medicines or surgery. I agree that God's time is always perfect, so we should not put our prayers in a hurry. Thanks for sharing!