Sunday, May 23, 2010

Move in Day; Labels

Move in Day has arrived! Yesterday, Cathy and Bob took over a couple of loads of items including the living room chairs. This afternoon, the Gang will unload the trailer.
And then the next few weeks....months..whenever, I'll unpack the boxes. When I packed the boxes, each was marked and color coded (Black: living room & kitchen; Blue: bedroom & bathroom; Green: crafts; Red: Fragile). If the box contains something which I'll need right away, it's marked with "NOW" or "ASAP".  That should help me find the necessities.

Wouldn't be nice if God marked items in our life with easy to read codes? Don't do, do now, save for later, be ready for...., etc. I like the "easy" to know aspects of God's will: the 10 commandments for example. It's spelled out. Yet, at times I still don't follow through on those instructions. And then there are those times in life that take discernment; those can be difficult.

God gave us instructions in the Bible, and the reason He didn't just give us the "complete list" of dos and don'ts is because we don't need the list.... God gave us the principles which apply in all areas of our lives. The only way to learn those principles is the read the Bible and allow the Holy Spirit to direct us.

However, sometimes I find myself in situations where I'm not sure what God would have me do. If I could just read a label, it would be so much easier. Then I'd be able to KNOW I was doing the correct thing. But that's not how life works. That's why I need to continually be searching God's word and learning, so that when a situation arises, I have the knowledge of what to do. 
Even though I can't go through life reading labels, I'm thankful that God is a forgiving God and that He continues to teach me. As I learn more about Who God is, and His will, the better choices I'll make in the future. 

The goal each day is to create a positive day, and that can be done without any labels. Perhaps I didn't do something correctly, at least my heart was in the right place and I was striving to be godly. That is what God asks of us... to act godly. And if my mindset is focused on God and His will, than the overall day will be positive. 

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