Saturday, May 22, 2010

Part 1 Complete!

Last Sunday was a wonderful day for the "non-move". God blessed us with perfect moving weather; sunny, with a slight breeze.
The Gang arrived @2:00 and work began. Soon the boxes and all the furniture was out of the apartment. When the trailer was packed, there were a few items left over, so we filled some of the vehicles.

to each of the friends who helped move and clean the apartment.

The place looks so different empty. The remodel began on Monday, May 17th. (Picture to the left is the 'old' empty bedroom.)

This entire "non-move" has been a great deal of work. Not just for me, but for my friends (who have graciously helped). Some have asked, "Is all the work, really worth it?" I guess it all depends on what you see as the final goal. If I was JUST doing this because I wanted "new" things, than maybe the effort wasn't worth it. However, there was more to this than just a new kitchen. The rug needed replacing, the walls and ceiling needed painting.
Perhaps, some would see the work, and say, "That's not for me. I'll make due with the old." But really, you can't focus on the work, rather the results. Each thing we do in life requires some level of work. As a kid, I never understood the reason for making my bed each day. "I'm just going to 'un-make it' again tonight". To me, making my bed was a waste of time. However, my parent's thought otherwise.

As we go through our lives, we determine each day what we will do and how much effort we put into each task. We make those choices each day, often without much thought. It needs to be done, so we do it. Whether it be doing laundry, making a meal, working at a job... whatever the task at hand, we make choices each day. We can do a job well, or do it so it's "just done". We can put off doing a job, only to have to rush through it, or cause more work for us in the future.

Sometimes the work is a "chore" literally. It's a drudgery to accomplish the task at hand. That's one reason God says to do all to HIS GLORY. When working toward that goal, the tasks at hand take on a new meaning. Each day we "work for God". Whether you go to a job, or stay home and clean the house and care for the kids..... God is the Boss! My work philosophy has always been "to make my boss look good."  That takes on a new meaning when I realize that God is my boss. As a Christian, my responsibility is to glorify Him and share His everlasting love with those I meet.

When I reflect back on a day, it may have been positive in areas I like... such as getting a new apartment. However, if I want the day to be a TRULY POSITIVE day, my life, attitude, and all that I did would have been to the glory of God.

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