Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Why's or The Who?

I'm reading the book The Upside of Down by J.M. Stowell. One statement that stood out is: "In the end God resolves the mental anguish by turning Job from the question why to the question who. Hope begins when we start with the right question: 'Who?'."

Often when something happens in our lives, we first go to the question "Why?". When we should be focusing on God and Who He is. God cares for us and when He allows something to happen in our life, it's for His glory. If we keep our focus on WHO, rather than why.... our spirits are calmed and we can move forward. 

That's the big difference between Christians and non-Christians... our focus should be on God, not us. God allows various things in our lives to bring glory to Him and accomplish His purpose. When we focus on "why me" rather than God (Who), Satan gets a hold and we start doubting, worrying, we become anxious, and fear takes over. If we keep our focus on Who... God... we trust God, we are secure, we are calm... we are at peace. 

As you go about your day, if you find your mind wandering to the 'why', stop and refocus on God. When we keep our focus on God, our day will overflow with positive aspects.

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