Friday, June 26, 2009

The Stars in my Life

The past few days, the news highlighted the deaths of two celebrities. People are lined up around former homes, various theaters, etc. During one news show, on person interviewed said "I wanted to meet him in person. He was like family to me". What? How can someone you've never met be "family"?
Personally, I'm not caught up with the movie stars, actors, singers, etc. I don't even know the names of actors who play the characters I watch on TV. I've never been "star struck". Yet, as millions of people spend time mourning the death of both these "stars", it got me thinking: Who are the real "stars" in my life?
Who are the people who have impacted my life....PERSONALLY? Who are the people with whom I interact, talk, laugh, and cry? Who are the "stars" who I care about and who care about me? As I started listing the "stars" in my life....I am blessed!
But it shouldn't stop there. Knowing that people in my life have blessed me, is only half. I need to let them know! Maybe knowing that they are "stars" in my life, will encourage them. Maybe it will get them thinking about the "stars" in their lives. We are all quick to share when someone does something wrong, or hurts us. But when they have a positive impact, we neglect to share that news.
Take a few moments and send an email, or make a phone call, or better yet, send a note to let someone know that they are a "star" and have a positive impact in your life. Those few moments will do two things: 1. Make you realize how blessed you are 2. Let others know they are a blessing.
Be positive. Share the positive. Multiply the positive!

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