Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What makes you smile?

I was reading a comic and started laughing. Later in the day, I thought of that comic again, and couldn't help but smile. This got me thinking. What makes me smile? Some days it doesn't take much. A funny comic, a joke, an email or note from a friend, a TV show, or Max doing something cute.
No matter what makes me smile or laugh, I always feel better afterward. If I laugh early in the day, it seems I laugh at more things throughout the day. I guess because I enjoyed laughing so much, I'm looking for things to make me laugh, so I can enjoy laughing again! Sounds silly, but it's true! Laughing in the morning, puts me in a "laughing frame of mind".
Different things make each of us smile, but we all smile at something. What would happen if instead of passing along the gossip and negative news at the water cooler and through emails, we passed along smiles and laughter? Think for a moment how you feel after you laugh or smile. Now think of giving that same feeling to others. If we all felt that good, the people with whom we interact would be happy, and kinder.
So the next time you smile or laugh, pass it on! Creating a positive day...is done one smile at a time!

To get you started:
A little girl while holding her stomach, approached her Mom saying, "Mommy my stomach hurts." Her Mom replied, "That's because it's empty, you have to put something into it!"
Later that day when the Pastor came over for dinner. The Pastor started to feel bad, holding his head, he said, "I have a terrible headache!" The little girl looked up at the Pastor giving her sweetest smile that only a child can give. Then she said, "Your head hurts, because it's empty. You have to put something in it!"

If you smiled, you've just started creating a positive day!

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