Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Remembering can be Positive!

I was sending an email to some friends with an update about my sister (she's battling cancer). In it I mentioned that my sister and b-i-l may need to move to a new home with no steps. Knowing that it's not a sellers market right now, it looks humanly impossible. However, I remembered something that happened to my family back when I was just out of the 6th grade. Here's that story:
We had taken Lori to college in PA and we were on our way back home to Florida. To make a long story short, my parents both got jobs in PA and we needed a house. We had to return to Florida, pack up our house and move to PA. Dad, Mom, and I stopped at a Realtor to see about getting a house. Dad said we needed the house within an day or two. The Realtor said that you'd need at least 60 days, maybe 30 to buy the house. We walked out of the office and stopped at a 7/11 type store, bought a lunch and newspaper. Dad saw an auction and house for sale. Dad called and we met the family. After looking over the house, Dad offered to buy the house and the contents. The family was thrilled not having to go through the auction. That same day we signed the papers. God had given us a house (and the contents!) in ONE day!!
Through the years, when we need something that seems impossible, we say "if God gave us a house in ONE day....He can do.......whatever." And it's true. So, if my b-i-l needs to move to a house without steps, God can supply not only the new place, but a buyer for the old place.
I have to continually remind myself not to limit God. He is able to do above and beyond which we can think. He has no limits. He can take care of whatever...........God can do anything!!!

Sometimes remembering past miracles God has done is a very positive thing to do. God wants us to remember. Yet, we all forget the wonderful things God has done, as we get caught up in the trappings of our current situation.
Take a moment today to reflect on some of the wonderful things God has done for you. Stop and remember. And before you get back to your busy schedule, take a moment to thank God. That's the least we can do, for all He's done for us.
Stop and remember and thank God.....that will help you create a positive day.....I'm sure of it!

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