Monday, October 24, 2016

Blessing Celebration 2016!

Blessings Celebration! 
Thanks Living! 

October 25, 2000. 
A day that changed my life in more ways than I can count. A day that began a journey filled with twists and turns. A day that  started me on a journey that God designed to accomplish His purpose in and through me. 

October 25, 2000 I coughed and felt a searing hot pain in my lower back. A pain so intense it literally put me on the floor. 

Now it's October 2016—12 surgeries and too many injections, treatments, and other medical procedures to count later — the pain remains. 

BUT—during these past 16 years God has showered me with the most amazing blessings! I stand in awe of His goodness to me. 

Each year, in October I enjoy a BLESSING CELEBRATION! It's a time to reflect, not on the pain, but rather what God is doing because of the pain. It's a time to reflect on God's outpouring of blessings! 

Psalm 21:1-3 sums it up! (Replace "king" with "princess", for I am a child of the King of kings! I am God's princess—who is wonderfully blessed!) 

Psalm 21:1-3 (VOICE)
The king {princess} is glad because You, O Eternal, are strong. In light of Your salvation, he is singing Your name. You have given him {the princess} all he {she} could wish for. After hearing his {her} prayer, You withheld nothing. [pause] True blessings You lavished upon the king {princess}; a crown of precious gold You placed upon his {her} head.

Thanks Living! Noticing God's blessings.
Thanks Living! Praising and giving thanks for who God is, and all He is doing in my life. 

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