Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Chariot

In August 2011, I was able to buy a 2012 Ford Fiesta. You can read about the details of how God led me to HIS best here:

A few weeks ago, my Dad decided it was time for him to stop driving. He turned 88 this month, and he thought it was best to leaving the driving to someone else. And that someone, is me. 

Although I really liked my Fiesta, it was not comfortable for my parents, and it was a tight fit with their walkers and if needed in the future a wheelchair. So, I started praying and asking God what would meet the needs for us. 

I claimed Psalm 21:1-3 as my car searching verses: 
The king shall have joy in Your strength, O Lord; and in Your salvation how greatly shall he rejoice! You have given him his heart’s desire, and have not withheld the request of his lips. Selah For You meet him with the blessings of goodness; You set a crown of pure gold upon his head.
I was excited to
that God had waiting for me! 

Since my cars had been Fords, I started looking at a local Ford Dealership. I looked at their Used Inventory and thought maybe an Escape would meet our needs. They had one in my price range, however, because of the power seats, I could not get it reclined enough for my back. 
I then looked at a new Focus hatchback. In my price range, and the hatchback would give me more trunk space. However, it was still on the small side and would not provide much room for my parents. 

A friend recommended that I check out his Uncle's Dealership. But his Uncle wouldn't be there until after lunch. And since I was hungry, I decided to stop and eat lunch. I was hesitant to spend the money, since I was looking to buy a different car—but I was HUNGRY. lol I stopped at a restaurant I like, and I learned I had enough reward points for a FREE LUNCH! How cool is that?! A nice "blessing of goodness"!
And it was God's way of saying: 

After lunch, I went to Sorenson & Schade Chevrolet. I met Andrew and we discussed what I was looking for and what would meet my needs. He said he'd talk with the Uncle, and see what they had in their inventory that would meet my needs. 

I received a phone call from Andrew that he had two possibilities for me. I went back to the Dealership and Andrew told me that the first he'd show me was an Escape. I almost said, "Tried that, and the seats don't work for me." But God kept my mouth shut. 
I sat in the Escape and the seat reclined! No power seats in this model. Ok, one key factor taken care of. Next, would be to see if my parent's would find it comfortable and would the walkers/wheelchair fit? 
I was able to test drive the Escape for a couple of days, and I found it met our needs quite well. But would the price be such it would fit my budget? 

I went back to the Dealership and met with Andrew to discuss the specifics of cost. After trading my Fiesta and my Dad's car, we were able to get the payments low enough for me to afford the Escape with the extended warranty. 

Here is a picture of The Chariot. A 2013 Ford Escape. (Yes, I too find it amusing that I was able to buy another Ford, even if from a Chevy Dealer!) 
Andrew with The Chariot
Oh, but God wasn't done with His taking care of EVERY detail! On the way home from buying the car, I stopped at my insurance company to notify them. It was an awesome surprise that my insurance is now $24 less a month (due to being a larger and safer vehicle). That savings will help pay for the gas since it will use more than the Fiesta. Those "Blessing of Goodness" kept on coming! God knows EXACTLY what I can afford and makes sure He takes care of all the details—when I let Him lead and direct! 

Once again, God led me to HIS best. In this case it was working with Andrew at Sorensen and Shade and buying a 2013 Ford Escape. Thankful for God's timing and His blessings of goodness! 

If you are in the Winter Haven, FL area and are looking for a car, I recommend Sorensen and Schade. Ask for "Andrew W." is very easy to work with and is a real gentleman. (And if you tell them that "Rhonda S." sent you, that would be nice.)

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