Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Proverbs 4:1, 2: It's been given.

Hear, my children, the instruction of a father, and give attention to know understanding; For I give you good doctrine: do not forsake my law. Proverbs 4:1, 2

Hear: hear with attention, interest, listen to
Instruction: chastening, correction
Give attention: cause to hearken, give heed, incline, to prick up the ears
Know: absolute have knowledge, be wise
Understanding: the object of knowledge, discernment

Good: (ethical), right, of God
Doctrine: teaching, object, as thing taught
Forsake: fail to follow, obey advice, instruction, wisdom, reproof
Law: direction, instruction

What was the last gift you received? We all enjoy receiving gifts. Some are thoughtful gifts. Some are funny or gag gifts which make us laugh. Some gifts are for special occasions/holidays. Some are spur of the moment, just because gifts. 
No matter the reason for the gift, we take the gift, open it and respond. 

We are give a very precious gift—wisdom, sound solid instruction. How we respond to that gift speaks a lot about us and our desires. If we accept the gift and treasure it, putting it to good use and obey it—our lives will be filled with peaceful refreshment (Proverbs 3:8). 

Accept the gift—it's been given. Yet, only when my heart is permeated with a deep sense of reverence for God (Acts 9:31 MSG), will I hear and accept what is given. For when I have a fear and respect for God, I will want to accept His instruction and wisdom and obey the truth. 

It's been given. Will you accept it?

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