Friday, August 14, 2015

Trust: A Trustworthy Man

While he was still speaking, behold, Jonathan son of Abiathar the priest came. And Adonijah said, Come in, for you are a trustworthy man and bring good news. 1 Kings 1:42 (AMP)
King David was aging and many were wondering who he'd name as his successor to the Throne. 
Adonijah, a son of King David, thought for sure he'd be king. In fact, he was so assured, that he called all his friends together, had a big party and declared himself king! 

So picture this. Adonijah is surrounded by all his friends as they celebrate that he is now king. And then enters Jonathan with some news. 

At parties, we all expect great and good news. It's a happy occasion! Time to celebrate! So, when Adonijah hears Jonathan has come with news, he invited Jonathan in to share in the excitement. Notice what Adonijah says about Jonathan.... "you are a trustworthy man". That is key here. 

Jonathan didn't have to tell Adonijah the news. Jonathan could have made up something else to tell Adonijah. Yet, Jonathan was a trustworthy man. Jonathan knew that Adonijah needed to hear the news—no matter what it was. 

Adonijah is waiting to hear great news ... Jonathan replied, Adonijah, truly our lord King David has made Solomon king! (1 Kings 1:43)
Upon hearing the news the mood at the party changes. The party goers disperse very quickly and Adonijah, fears for his life. 

"You are a trustworthy man." Adonijah, didn't like what he heard, but he knew it came from a reliable source. 

A trustworthy man. One who speaks the truth even when it's difficult. One who has a reputation for honesty. A trustworthy man. 

That's a great testimony of Jonathan—a trustworthy man. Even in a difficult situation, Jonathan remained trustworthy. Being trustworthy does not change based on any given situation. Nor does it change because it's "hard". Remaining trustworthy is the right thing—24/7. 

Being trustworthy is easier when my heart is permeated with a deep sense of reverence for God (Acts 9:31 MSG). A true reverence and respect for God is where trustworthiness begins. 

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