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This post is the continuation of my Study of Colossians.    

And with [him is] Onesimus, [our] faithful and beloved brother, who is [one] of yourselves. They will let you know everything that has taken place here [in Rome].
Aristarchus my fellow prisoner wishes to be remembered to you, as does Mark the relative of Barnabas. You received instructions concerning him; if he comes to you give him a [hearty] welcome.
And [greetings also from] Jesus, who is called Justus. These [Hebrew Christians] alone of the circumcision are among my fellow workers for [the extension of] God’s kingdom, and they have proved a relief and a comfort to me. Colossians 4:9-11 (AMP)

Paul continues with a list of friends and how they encourage and minister to him. The descriptions he uses are evident of each man living a God-honoring life. 

If someone was writing about me, what characteristics would they use? How would they describe me? Could they say that I'm faithful? Should others embrace me and welcome me, because I am living a God-honoring life? Do I encourage and comfort others? 

More importantly, if God was writing about me, what would He say? I wrote about this on Colossians 1:7, "What would be written about me?"

Living a life that is godly is not only God-honoring, but has an impact on those around us. We are to be encouraging other believers, comforting them, and interacting with them. Just as we do this for believers, we are also to be doing it for unbelievers, so that they can see the love of God. 

Only when my heart is permeated with a deep sense of reverence for God, will my life be described as faithful, encouraging, and God-honoring. 

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