Tuesday, June 4, 2013

God Approved

This year, I'm sharing my "Treasures" of my study of my "Ponder the Morsels" book. I've picked 31 Psalms to study throughout 2013. Today I studied Psalm 19. Here is what I learned.

·I hope my ·words [The words of my mouth] and ·thoughts [meditations of my heart] ·please [be before] you. Lord, you are my Rock, ·the one who saves me [and my redeemer]. Psalm 19:14 (EXB)

May the words that come out of my mouth and the musings of my heart meet with Your gracious approval, O Eternal, my Rock, O Eternal, my Redeemer. Psalm 19:14 (VOICE)

"Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord, my strength, and my Redeemer." A sweet prayer, and so spiritual that it is almost as commonly used in Christian worship as the apostolic benediction.
Words of the mouth are mockery if the heart does not meditate; the shell is nothing without the kernel; but both together are useless unless accepted; and even if accepted by man, it is all vanity if not acceptable in the sight of God.
We must in prayer view Jehovah as our strength enabling, and our Redeemer saving, or we shall not pray aright, and it is well to feel our personal interest so as to use the word my, or our prayers will be hindered. Blessed Kinsman, give us now to meditate acceptably upon thy most sweet love and tenderness. The Treasury of David

Today as I was thinking over this verse, I had a good example of how my thoughts don’t always reflect God and His Word. 
I heard one of my neighbor’s kids crying and screaming in the hallway and stairwell. That happens often, when they are told “no”. I immediately thought.. again! But then I heard the ambulance pull up with the fire truck and police cars. I then learned that one of the kids had fallen out of the second story window. 

I had to stop and realize that my original thoughts were not only based on a wrong assumption, but they were not godly either. I should have compassion and understanding. I should show love and kindness to my neighbors... no matter how loud their kids are. I talked with my neighbor tonight and the little boy is ok; just a bump on the head and sore. 

My thoughts and words need to  pass through God’s sieve, so to speak. My thoughts and words are to be acceptable to God. My attitude, actions, and what I articulate, need to be God approved! 

To create a positive day, I must meditate on God’s Word so that my thoughts and words will be God approved. 

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