Friday, February 22, 2013

My Powerhouse...In Action!

Yesterday my Ponder Morsel was on God's strength and help. And Feb 21, I saw some examples of God's strength and help as He worked out amazing details. 

Back on Feb 5, 2013 I had a spinal stimulator trial wire removed from my back. Since that time, my pain level has been extreme, and now included an area higher in the back. My pain management Dr was out of the office, but I was able to get some stronger medication and make an appointment to see her on Feb 21. 

Feb. 21: My appointment was scheduled for 4:10 pm. That would mean I'd be coming home during the rush hour traffic. That would make my trip longer and require additional stops, since I can't sit very long without standing/lying down.  

However, my Pain Management Dr's office called, there had been a cancelation, would I like to come in earlier? YES!! So, my appointment was changed from 4:10 pm to 2 pm. Little did I realize that God had something even better planned than me avoiding rush hour traffic. 

My Pain Management Dr. decided that my pain is due the the nerves being irritated by the wire and the stimulator. The nerves were also causing muscle spasms. We discussed some options and decided on trying a different medication. And she wanted me to see my Chiropractor for non-force adjustment and ultra-sound treatment. 

Then we discussed the spinal implant stimulator. From the trial, we learned that the paddle or wire has to be exactly mid-line in the back for me to get any stim in the leg. That can be difficult to achieve. And each time surgery is done on the back, I grow more scar tissue and that creates more nerve irritation, and can cause additional pain. Therefore, at this time, I am not going to try another spinal implant stimulator. I'll have surgery in the next month or so, to remove the old broken stimulator battery (IPG) and wiring. The paddle will remain since there is scar tissue in that area and it is secured in place. 

As we were discussing where we go from here to help with pain, I mentioned how acupuncture has helped some. That's when my Dr mentioned a trial taking place on Tuesday, 2/26. A company is coming to her office to demonstrate a stim which uses acupuncture points on the ear, to reduce pain. The device is worn for 3 days stimulating specific points on the ear throughout the 3 days. Then the device is removed. Would I be interested in trying it? Knowing that I usually respond well to acupuncture, I definitely want to learn more about it. I’ll be meeting with my Dr and the company on Tuesday, Feb 26. Excited about a new possible treatment. God’s timing is perfect. My Dr could only have 2 patients for the trial, and so God made sure my Dr saw me at just the right time, so that we could discuss this option. Talk about God being my Powerhouse! 

As I left my Pain Management Dr’s office, I realized that I wan’t too far from my Chiropractor's office. I called to see if there was an available appointment. They were able to fit me. That saved me a trip out in the snow expected on Friday. God had that planned perfectly. I would have not been able to see my Chiropractor if my Pain Management appointment time had stayed at 4:10 pm.  

After leaving my Chiropractor’s office, I made my way home, stopping at Walgreens to get my medications. This is the first time a long time that the “wait time” at Walgreens was short! God knew that although the Chiropractic treatment helped, I was still in pain, and if I had to wait too long, it would “undo” all the good the treatment had done. God made sure I arrived at Walgreens during a “slow time”. 

And to top it all I walked into my apartment, I was greeted with the delicious smell of Turkey Chili which I had cooking in the crock pot. Was nice to have dinner all prepared. Sure tasted good too. 

Looking back over the day, it's nice to see how God rearranged schedules so that I'd be able to see my Pain Management Dr and Chiropractor. And seeing my Pain Management Dr. on Thursday, was also God-designed so that I could be part of Tuesday's appointment acupuncture stim trial. 

"My Powerhouse". No matter how you say it—the truth remains. God is my strength. God is my shield. God is trustworthy. God is my help. God is praiseworthy. I saw many examples of God’s strength and help throughout the day. The day was a very positive day because I recognized God’s attention to details, and saw that He truly is “My Powerhouse”.

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