Thursday, September 6, 2012

God is so Creative!

One thing which I have enjoyed over the past 11 years, since my injury, is seeing all the creative and fun ways God uses to supply my various needs. This week, once again, God supplied in a very fun and creative way. 

Since February of this year, I've lost 56 pounds through a diet program offered by my Chiropractor. Therefore, all the clothes that WERE in my closet were too big. I needed to buy smaller sizes. YEAH!

A local thrift store chain was having a 50% off sale, so I visited several of their stores in the area. WOW... the deals I found! 
I was able to buy: 5 cardigans, 6 dress shirts, 3 pair of dress pants, 2 pairs of jeans (green/black), 1 pair of shorts, 3 light jackets, 1 windbreaker, 1 fall jean jacket, 1 winter jean jacket (lined) and 1 winter coat (with removable liner). And the best part of it all—was the price! All this for UNDER $75.
When I see what I was able t
o buy—and that a new winter coat would have cost that much—WOW!!

Very thankful that God provided a SUPER SALE, so that I could buy some nice clothes and coats for the coming months. The sale was one way God used to supply my needs.

But God was NOT done supplying!
God had a VERY special
SURPRISE waiting for me! 

As I was sorting all the "new" clothes for either the laundry or cleaners, I went through all the pants pockets. And that is when I found the surprise God had waiting for me! In one of the pockets there was a $20 bill! 

I had to stop and realize all the DETAILS that God had to work out, so that He could give me that $20! 

  • the person who donated the pants, had to leave the $20 in the pocket. 
  • each person who inspected the pants at the thrift store, had to "miss" the $20. 
  • not sure if anyone else tried on the pants, but if they did, God had to "keep their hands out of the pockets". 
  • I had to pick that pair of pants to try on... and buy. 

Just thinking of ALL the details that God took care of to give me a surprise of $20 to help me buy 'new' clothes—once again shows His awesome care and love for me. 

When I think of all the creative and fun ways
that God supplies my needs,
it is VERY easy to CREATE a POSITIVE day!

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