Monday, August 13, 2012


PayDay. That phrase has two meaning.

One is good—payday, as in the day you receive payment for services rendered. You get "money"!

The other meaning, means that it's time to "pay-up". The day YOU have to pay has arrived. 

Today is "payday" for me... and no I'm not receiving money... rather I'm "paying-up" for the activity I did the previous day.  I had to opportunity to attend a local, annual Festival, a Car Show, and meet with some staff of a Company which makes a great product. When I chose to do anything, I have to consider.... "Is this activity worth the extra pain?" 

Often, I'm asked, "If it increases the pain, why do it?" Well, I live with chronic pain—it is a CONSTANT. And over the years, I've learned that if I do "nothing" I still hurt. So, when I have the opportunity to do something fun and enjoyable, I do my best to enjoy it. And yes, all the while, I know that I'll have to "pay for it". So, I'm now "paying" for the activity. My headache and pain is severe.

SO was the activity really worth the increase in pain? Let's see....

Pros of "doing something fun":
1. Learned about new products to help me as I continue to work toward being healthier. 
2. Met some nice people at both the Festival and Car Show. 
3. Met the Staff from Sunshine Burger and enjoyed talking with them. 
4. Spent time outside in the beautiful sunshine. 
Cons of yesterday's activities:
1. Increased pain. 
Four to one... I'd say that the activity was worth the increased pain.

So, now that "payday" as arrived, what do I do? Again that comes down to choices. I can focus on the pain and how much I hurt, or I can enjoy the fun memories and continue to enjoy today. 

How long will "payday" last? It varies. It can take a day for my pain level to return to "normal" or it can take a few weeks. One aspect of learning to live with chronic pain is realizing that the pain will get even worse from time to time. And making wise decisions in choosing what to do when. 

Since today is a "payday" for me, I knew that I'd have to change my focus from my pain to something better. So, I have been listening to some great music this morning (Bryan Duncan, Damaris Carbaugh, The Ball Brothers, to name a few). And I listened to some Sermons on Ecclesiastes (Calvary Baptist Church)

"By day the Lord directs his love, at night his song is with me—a prayer to the God of my life." Psalm 42:8 (NIV)

On "payday" the key for me is to keep my focus off the pain, and focus on the positive and uplifting! On some paydays, that is more difficult. I've learned the when I change my focus—payday (having to owe), turns into a payday—receiving blessings from God!

Even on "payday" I can create a positive day... if I make the right choice in changing my focus!


  1. I Love your Blog! Thank you for blessing my day! HUGS

    1. Thanks! Appreciate you coming by and reading. Please come again.

  2. This is a great blog -thank you for blessing me through it