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 Can anyone ever have

What does it really mean to have "more-than-enough"? Just think of pouring water into a glass—and not stopping when you reach the top. As the water overflows the glass, continue pouring. It's a "never-ending" flow of water. That's a great example of "more-than-enough". A constant overflowing, never-ending amount. 

Now, take that thought one step further. The "more-than-enough" comes DIRECTLY from GOD HIMSELF! Since God is the Creator of all, He is the source of everything, therefore, He NEVER can "run out"; for as the Creator is the ultimate source. 

What exactly is God, Himself supplying "more-than-enough" of—JOY!

"I have God's more-than-enough,
more joy in one ordinary day!"
Psalm 4:7 (The Message)

Joy is not based on circumstances, pain, illness, or any "earthly" thing. Rather JOY is given DIRECTLY from God to me. Joy is an inner-flowing peace that God supplies. Joy given by God is based on His love and care for me—and that love is UNCONDITIONAL, EVERLASTING LOVE. That's why the joy that God supplies is MORE-THAN-ENOUGH!

Just think. No matter how bad my headache is, no matter how high my pain level is, no matter how others treat me, no matter what the situation, GOD is supplying me with MORE-THAN-ENOUGH joy for an ordinary day.

Okay, so what if I'm having an "extra-ordinary-rotten" day—or as one author wrote,
"Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day"? Doesn't matter! Remember the example I used at the beginning of this post—the overflowing water? God's joy is NEVER-ENDING! He continues to supply MORE-THAN-ENOUGH JOY for whatever type of day I am having!

What does that mean? In the midst of my pain, I can REJOICE in God's goodness. I can REJOICE in God's unconditional, never-ending love for me. I can REJOICE knowing that God is supplying me with MORE-THAN-ENOUGH joy—all I have to do is receive it and enjoy it. WOW!

And as I accept and 'drench' myself in God's more-than-enough joy, my terrible, horrible, no good day changes into a TERRIFIC, MAGNIFICENT, AMAZING day!

Creating a positive day is a "given" when I accept God's MORE-THAN-ENOUGH Joy!

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