Thursday, November 4, 2010

God MULTIPLIED His Blessing!

God is amazing! 
Each year in October I set time aside to Celebrate God and His blessings. And each year, God sends special gifts and blessings my way as constant reminders of His love and care. This year He sent several blessings. (Read posts dated October 16—29, 2010 for the details.)

God is so creative
in presenting His
blessings and gifts to me.
This year He used a contest. I won a Cowboy Grillin' Pack, which included a large grill and LOTS of goodies.
The picture of the grill is to the left. For the rest of the prize see post: Cowboy Grillin' Pack

Over the years, God has been very gracious to send blessing not just for me, but for my friends as well. And the Cowboy Grillin' Pack is an example.
God MULTIPLIED this blessing
so that others could share in His goodness!

God could have chosen ANY brand and ANY size grill. And HE made sure that the prize was a Char Broil RED® FOUR-BURNER INFRARED GRILL WITH AUTO-CLEAN™. 

God had a very specific plan in mind! 

Special and dear friends of mine like the Char Broil brand grills. A while back, they has discussed that in the future, they'd like a new one for their patio. As I looked at the grill and thought of how special these friends are.... I knew exactly what God wanted me to do!
This was a blessing that God
wanted me to PAY FORWARD!

My friends are getting the Char Broil 4 burner infrared Grill and most of the extras, and in turn they are buying me the much smaller CHAR BROIL ELECTRIC GRILL! Yes, an ELECTRIC GRILL, that means no lugging gas tanks or charcoal up the apartment. I just plug it in and grill. And it takes wood chips so I'll have the flavoring of grilling. The smaller size will fit on my balcony.

Why didn't God just give me the smaller grill? Because God wanted me to be able to share this gift with my friends. Not only am I blessed by God's gift, my friends can enjoy God's blessing too.
This blessing MULTIPLIED! 
My friends have a new grill which they will make very good use of... and I'll have a smaller grill perfect for my needs.
God designed this gift SPECIFICALLY
to be MULTIPLIED to those around me.
How cool is that!!??

Creating a positive day
MULTIPLIES joy to those around you!

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